Casting The Disney X-Men Films

Casting The Disney X-Men Films

It was announced that Disney Studios was aquiring 21st Century Fox for $52.4 Billion dollars. While there are debates about whether this is a good or bad thing overall most of the geek community is at least excited that a handful of Marvel characters owened by Fox will be able to reunite with their brethren in the Disney MCU. Most notably, the X-Men.

But Disney may not want to continue on with the current lineup of actors we have grown to know in love. Whether due to studio contracts with actors or just wanting a fresh start to integrate the X-Men with the Avengers, we can pretty much expect an entirely new X-Men lineup in the years to come.

So we at GFU ask ourselves, “What will the Disney X-Men cast look like”?

Professor X – Ralph Fiennes

This is a tough one. Patrick Stewart IS Professor X as far as I’m concerned. I’d prefer letting Picard continue on until they have to prop him up in the chair with a stick, but again we have to face facts that the Mouse will crave new blood in its shiny new IP.

Quite honestly my inclination here is to go with an unknown Julliard theater actor. Professor X is more about a certain Oxford demeanor than a certain look. But just to throw out an option, how about Ralph Fiennes.

Cyclops – Aidan Turner

Cyclops does not have to a physical specimen, he just needs his Optic Blasts and humorless brand of leadership to carry the woes of the team on his shoulders. For those reasons I would tap little known British actor from BBC Mini Series, And Then There Were None to fill the role. He looks the part, has an air of intelligence without being dry on-screen, and can pull of a decent American accent…… Oh and he is not 12 like previous actors. Consequently, he would also be my top pick to play the next James Bond.

Wolverine – Scott Caan

It’s hard to imagine anyone but Hugh Jackman wearing the claws. Jackman has gone on record saying that after Logan, he would only return to the role if he got to fight alongside the Avengers. But with the studio buyout we have to accept that it is a real possibility he be recast for any number of reasons.

The seasoned Ocean’s 11 actor Scott Caan is a squat ‘5’’5, has a solid build, jawline, and air of savage indifference that are important to depicting the Wolverine. Also, he is the son of the James Caan, and I am willing to bet growing up as the child of the temperamental Sonny Corleone, he will be able to tap into some deep pools of anger for those on-screen Berserker Rage moments. Just please – no matter how silly it looks – try giving us the ‘ol yellow & browns this time eh bub?

Storm – Alexandra Shipp

Alexandra Shipp played the leader of the X-Men, Ororo Monroe, in the last film X-Men Apocalypse and it was totally forgettable. However, I don’t really think that was her fault, there was a lot going wrong in that film. Now she is a little older, I would like to see her tackle the role of Storm again under a new Director in the MCU.

Jean Grey –  Deborah Ann Woll

Woll is already in the Marvel Universe, playing the pretty useless and always crying character of Karen Page over on Netflix’s Daredevil. However, those Universes have not crossed over yet so there is no reason she couldn’t do both.

On November 2018 the final Fox Studios X-Men film Dark Phoenix will hit theaters and likely be the last time we see the old cast together, meaning Game of Thrones Sophia Turner will most likely not be returning to the role. Also at this time, tall red-head Jessica Chastain is listed in the IMDB cast without a character name, so it is possible she will be playing and older/future Jean Grey. Though it’s unlikely she would transition to Disney either.

Iceman – Brenton Thwaites

Bobby Drake (a.k.a. Iceman) is a founding member of the X-Men and has always been under utilized in the films in my opinion. Personally, I would like to see a slightly younger Iceman on screen fulfilling the role of mischievous Lothario who can age into his badass power set.

Brenton Thwaites already has several big budget movies under his belt and has recently been cast as Dick Greyson on the 2018’s Teen Titan TV series, but Marvel could easily steal him away with a big film contract.

Polaris – Ana De Arma

In the interest of bringing fresh new characters to the screen, MCU could always bring in the daughter of Magneto, Polaris, to take his place (as she has similar magnetism powers). She has functioned as both a hero and villain in the comics over the years struggled with mental illness, and was romantically involved with Havok so there is a lot to do with her, story wise. I could easily see Blade Runner 2049’s Ana De Arma doing well in that role.

Psylock – Chihiro Yamamoto

Every child of the 90’s appreciates Jim Lee’s hyper-sexualized drawings of Psylock. But what if, just what if, you casted an actual actress to portray Psylock as an actual character. You know with depth, and feeling, and a story arc (No offense Olivia Munn).

Chihiro Yamamoto starred as a samurai apprentice in film festival favorite, Uzumasa Limelight, and did a bang-up job. She can handle a sword, and act her butt off, making a good fit for the beloved character.

Gambit – Luke Evans

With the Fox Studios buyout, rumors are already circulating that the standalone Gambit film starring Channing Tatum may already be on the chopping block. Personally, I think that is pretty good casting but again we have to assume the worst here.

Luke Evans of Beauty & the Beast, Fast & Furious, & the Hobbit has definitely pulled off the swarthy demeanor of the Cajun Remy Lebeau in the past. Just pop in some black & red eye contacts and Bob’s your uncle.

Northstar – Steven Yuen

X-Men has always been an allegory for discrimination and inclusion, but previous Film adaptations have been a little white heavy. So why not bring in some diversity and new characters at the same time.

Northstar is a gay, Asian, French Canadian, and bringing in a beloved Walking Dead actor would be a win-win. Plus, he is looking for work (spoilers).

Beast – Kelsey Grammer

Call me sentimental but I say bring back Dr. Frasier Crane into the role of the Beast. But with a twist! Since he is getting on in years, just go ahead and CG Animate a comics accurate Hank McCoy right from the pages of Jim Lee and let Kelsey provide the voice over. We have already seen Marvel Disney do a fine job integrating CG characters into super teams (i.e. Hulk, Groot, Spiderman).

Night Crawler – Flula Borg

OK this is a weird one but bear with me. The German Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler) has so far on screen been portrayed as a reserved soft-spoken devout Christian. Knowing how Disney Marvel Studios films tend to lean on humor more than their Fox counter parts, they will want to add more comic relief to the team than previous iterations.

With a comic relief spin on the character in mind, I would cast Flula Borg as the blue elf. Flula is a bizarre comedian with a thick German accent who makes appearances on Conan O’Brian and @Midnight and would bring a sort of outsider alienated humor to the role that could balance out a more serious cast nicely.

Quicksilver – Even Peters

Sadly, we will probably not be seeing Quicksilver on screen ever again. Why? Because Disney MCU already did the Quicksilver character with Kickass star Aaron Taylor-Johnson in Age of Ultron; and promptly killed him off. Meanwhile the Fox version of Quicksilver played by Peters cannot simply be absorbed into the MCU because…. he is dead in that Universe.

I really grew to enjoy the Even Peters Quicksilver from the X-Men films and as one of the few Mutants who walked between the X-world and the Avengers I hope they found a way to bring him back to life with the time gem or something.

X 23 – Dafne Keen

Another route to go in recasting the role of Wolverine, would be to allow Logan actress Dafne Keen to grow into the role as his replacement. This would give audiences a chance to acclimate to losing Jackman before recasting. Of course, the timeline would be all out of whack as X-23 appears many years in the future but it wouldn’t be the worst mistake the X-Franchise has made with the timeline. I personally hope they don’t go this route, but it is an option.

Rouge – Margret Anne Florence

Let’s just say I was not a fan of the Brian Singer version of the Southern Bell. Meet Margret Anne Florence, she is a super-hot actress from South Carolina. That is all.

Boom Boom – AnnaSophia Robb

The New Mutant’s Boom Boom is a shallow, stereotypical 80’s L.A. Valley Girl who is played for laughs and can generate little time bomb grenades from her hands. I’m guessing former child actor/singer from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory could pull that off in a way that could balance out a more serious cast.

Banshee – Domhnall Gleeson

The character of Banshee worked much better on-screen in previous films than I would have ever expected. Caleb Landrey Jones did a decent depicting him in X-Men First Class, but if he is no longer available why not cast everyone’s favorite screaming First Order ginger Domhnall Gleeson?

Sasquatch – Vin Diesel

Again, it would be nice to get a few new characters into the mix like Alpha Flight tank “Sasquatch”. And true, Diesel is already in the MCU voicing Groot (in various stages of puberty) but why not give him more than one line to lend his voice talents to?

Thunderbird – Martin Sensmeier

We saw Thunderbird’s brother “Warpath” appear in Days of Future past briefly, who had joined X-Men later on to avenge the death of his Apache brother Thunderbird. But since we are back in time now we could include the Native American tank played by Tlinget-Athabascan actor Martin Sensmeier from Westworld & Magnificant Seven.

Dani Moonstar – Amber Midthunder

Dani Moonstar is one of the founding members of the New Mutants and is currently being played in the upcoming film by actress Blu Hunt. But given the property is now part of the overall MCU, and that the character Moonstar has a huge arc ending up in Thor’s Asgard, I would prefer to recast the role with Native American actress Amber Midthunder (also she has already been in the fantastic X-Men TV series Legion).

Cannon Ball – Charlie Heaton

Cannon Ball is a fun member of the New Mutants who kamikaze projectiles himself impacting on his enemies. He has already been cast in the 2018 New Mutants Horror film so let see how that works out and then maybe we can bring in some of these fun New Mutant characters to come play with the X-Men as they often did.

Havok – Joe Keery

With Stranger Things co-star Charlie Heaton already on the roster why not cast Joe Keery to play Havok. Traditionally Blonde, I think the audience would forgive that aspect to see an on-screen rematch between the two. Also, while movies have featured both Havok and his older brother Cyclops, we have yet to see a film depicting the two as brothers and all the fun drama you could milk out of that.

Sunspot – Henry Zaga

Roberto De Costa (a.k.a. Sunspot) was a Brazilian member of the New Mutants who channeled power from the sun for super strength and flame-blasting bad guys. Always a little underappreciated, perhaps the character was a bit too close to the Human Torch. However aesthetically he has a cool look, sort of resembling a black hole, which could look good on film.

The Upcoming 2018 Horror film New Mutants has already cast him with Brazilian actor Henry Zaga. Looks pretty “spot” on to me, moving on.

Multiple Man – Edward Holcroft

Another film that may be in trouble due to the Fox acquisition is James Franco’s solo film for Multiple Man. This character has always been fun. Every time he is struck, a clone pops out to add to the fight. Like a full contact Gizmo. I personally hope this one-off film stays on track because everything about it sounds like a great idea.

However, if the Franco standalone film is cancelled, you probably don’t need such an expensive actor to portray Jamie Madrox in a team movie as a background character. Kingsmen: The Golden Circle actor Edward Holcroft looks the part and could be picked up for a Fraction of what Franco would get paid.

Bishop – Trevante Rhodes

Rhodes was in the Oscar winning Moonlight, will be in the 2018 Predator remake The Predator (now owned by Disney as well), has cameod on Westworld, and has been rumored to play the Green lantern John Stewart in upcoming DC films. So he would carry a lot of geek cred to the role of Bishop.

Its not likely we would see Bishop anytime soon though as he tends to follow time travel plots, we just had a Days of Future Past movie, and film studious seem to only introduce time travel when it’s time for a reboot.

Shadowcat & Lockheed –  Emma Watson & Andy Serkis

Emma Watson may initially seem like too big a name for the X-Men franchise, but while she has been consistently working since her Harry Potter days it does seem like she is struggling to find her place in Hollywood. Traditionally thought of younger role there are stories where Kitty Pryde (a.k.a. Shadowcat) rises to the upper ranks of the X-Team as an older senior member of the team. And this may be the perfect place for Emma to plant her flag.

Andy Serkis is %100 stunt casting, as her faithful pet dragon Lockheed does not speak, but it would be fun none the less.

Colossus – Calum Von Moger

Calum Von Moger is the Australian body builder cast to play Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2018’s Bigger biopic of the Wielder Brothers. I don’t know what kind of acting we can expect from the young man, but word is he has already got a good Arnold voice down, and if he can do that, he can probably do a decent Russian accent as well.

I am also a fan of the fully CG Colossus voiced by Stefan Kapicic that we got in Deadpool (and who will be returning in Deadpool 2). So, I would be happy continuing this route. But on the other hand, a good on-screen romance between Colossus and Kitty Pride has been lacking and would probably work better with a human actor.

But if we do stick with the Deadpool CG Colossus allow me to recycle this casting choice into…

Sabertooth – Calum Von Moger

No sense in wasting a good casting choice, and at 6’2’ it would be nice to see a Sabretooth who towers over Wolverine again.

Magneto – Michael Fassbender

Nothing to fix here, don’t ruin a good thing. Fassbender is quite frankly a better actor than the franchise deserves and I feel lucky he is on board. The costume could use a touch up. But I could watch young Magneto pretend to move things with his mind all day. So just let the chap age gracefully into the role for years to come.

Omega Red –  Hiroyuki Sanada

Omega Red is one of the coolest Wolverine archvillains that has not been done in the Cinema yet. Hiroyuki Sanada is one of those actors you have seen everywhere but has yet to break out. He was technically already a villain fighting Logan in the film The Wolverine as a Yakuza, but covered in makeup I don’t think anyone would notice.

In the comics Omega Red is a Russian serial killer turned super soldier experiment. But for the sake of getting this cool actor in the X-Franchise, maybe we could turn him into a China super soldier, or also I guess there are probably just Asian people living in Russia too.

Juggernaut – The Mountain from Game of Thrones

Dramatic acting is not a requirement to portray the dull-witted step brother of Charles Xavier, just sheer size. The biggest behemoth out there who can remember his lines right now is Game of Thrones’ “The Mountain” (According to IMDB his name is Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson).

I think he could fill those gigantic shoes nicely.

Lilandra & The Shi’ar Empire – Nathalie Emmanuel

Marvel Disney has done an absolutely fabulous job of bring Cosmic Marvel comics to the average consumer with Guardians of the Galaxy. While it was not common for the X-Men to go to space, there was a long running story line with cosmic X-Men involving the Shi’ar. Just think of the crossover potential of doing that fan-favorite story arc with upcoming GOTG Vol. 3, Captain Marvel, Dark Phoenix & Infinity War.

With the final season of Game of Thrones on the horizon, now is a good time to snag some of the better actors from that show.

The Brood – CG Monster             

The Brood are basically a rip off of the Xenomorph Queen in Aliens. So, you might be thinking to yourself, why would you want to see an Aliens rip off?

When Disney bought 21st Century Fox, they acquired more than the X-Men, they also acquired the Aliens franchise. Now just picture Wolverine Vs. A Xenomorph. ‘Nuff said. As long as you are doing an X-Men space movie with the Shi’ar, why not through in some Brood and/or Aliens as a secondary plot?

Stryfe – Josh Brolin

Possibly one of the dumbest looking villains in the Marvel Universe, Stryfe is due for an on-screen makeover (perhaps one that looks a bit less like a He-Man villain). Stryfe is also a fairly powerful character shrouded in mystery. While this would-be Josh Brolin’s 3rd character in the MCU (Cable & Thanos) it is also a very likely casting. As to why? Well to remain spoiler free Ill just leave that where it is.

Pyro – David Guitoli

Pyro is a great recurring henchman of Magneto, and always a fun counter balance to Iceman in a fight. For a guy whose mutant power is burning people alive, I think it’s best to cast someone who can play up the mania aspect of the character for those uncomfortable bad guy laughs aka the Joker. For that task I would cast Guitoli from the TV series Grimm.

Stacy X – Margot Robbie

Stacy X is a mutant prostitute who has ability to secrete pheromones that manipulate others to involuntarily vomit, poop, orgasm, etc. (Is there a difference? Asking for a friend). She was also created by popular comic author Grant Morrison.

Disney has said that they will not stop R-Rated X-Men films such as Deadpool and I think a star in this role opposite the “Merc With the Mouth” could be a fun pairing. And Margot Robbie has shown she can play crazy/hot characters like Harley Quinn.

Marrow – Maeve Dermody

X-Force member “Marrow” has yet to be seen in a movie. She can, at will, grow & projectile bones to use as weapons and armor, which would be unsettling to see. That would make her a good villain if the MCU ever wanted to do a Morlocks storyline.

Meave Dermody first came to my attention watching BBC mini-series And Then There Were None where she really stole scenes from other veteran actors. She can simultaneously look beautiful and unnervingly creepy, which makes for a good sympathetic villain.

Sabastian Shaw/The Black King – Toby Stephens

The Leader of the Hellfire Club, Sebastian Shaw, was previous portrayed (and coin murdered) by Kevin Bacon in X-Men First Class. But that’s not to say Disney would not want to reboot that popular story arc in the future. Why not Toby Stephens from the BBC show Black Sails. True he was also in the worst James Bond film Die Another Day, but that was hardly his fault.

Emma Frost/The White Queen – Natalie Dormer

If you are doing The Hellfire Club we have to include the White Queen (and sometimes X-Men) Emma Frost. Another Game of Thrones alumnus who may be looking for work, and who frankly I just want to see in the outfit, Natalie Dormer.

Mystique – Allison Williams

I am quite frankly sick of the background villain Mystique, who suddenly became a hero and the center of the X-Men Universe after, still under contract, Jennifer Lawrence hit star status with The Hunger Games and won an academy award. Mystique was suddenly shoe horned into classic X-Men plots she was never a part of in the comics.

But if we must see more blue nipple pasties on screen I recommend Allison Williams who co-stars in one of the bigger films of the year, Get Out! I won’t spoil the film, but if you’ve seen it you will know why she would be a good fit for a mimic character. Although she too may be up for an academy award so we may be right back in the same situation in a few years.

Blob – Kristian Nairn

The hefty Magneto muscle man, Blob, was previously brought to life in a humorous way for the Wolverine Origins film. However, as a steady character in the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants gang, he is bound to make a comeback.

Kristian Nairn’s lovable character Hordor on Game of Thrones held one of the most memorable show exits in TV history (puns). Adding him to the X-Franchise would no doubt bring in some die hard GOT fans.

Toad – Burn Gorman

While I am not a big fan of Toad, it’s nice to have a few disposable Henchmen to kill off. How about Pacific Rim’s Burn Gorman, because he is a fine actor and, you know, the face (Sorry Burn).

Sauron – Terry the Pterodactyl from Pee Wee’s Playhouse

God willing, eventually the MCU will take the X-Men to the Savage Lands where a Pterodactyl man named Sauron reigns supreme. Sauron has super strength, speed, flight and can suck the life force from beings or hypnotize & enslave people by staring them in the eyes. Much the way Terry the Pterodactyl hypnotized a mentally ill adult into thinking he was a child and forced him to do his bidding.

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